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  • Mostly investment ideas. You will be exposed to ideas from obscure markets, troubled companies, or ones with compelling stories. Finding a bad situation that is about to inflect or a stellar story that is going to stay that way is the name of the game. Occasionally, I may drift into other topics, such as an interesting book that I am reading or a new technology that has captured my attention. Feel free to skip ahead.

  • You are the decider guy. Most of the ideas will be investable, which doesn’t mean you should invest in them. Exercise your discretion. I spend weeks researching these ideas. I am biased. Even if I tell you I am not, I am biased.

  • Best efforts basis. I am writing here, because I enjoy doing it. Yes, I want to provide you with the best, most interesting and well-researched ideas, but as of now this is not my full-time job. Sticking to a regular schedule may just take the wind out of my sails.

  • I make mistakes. If you spot any, do let me know by hitting reply on that email. Twitter DMs are open. Substack Notes and Chat are even better. You can also find me on some popular Discord servers, such as Liberty Labs.

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